Thursday, December 9, 2010

Open it, looking back

So, the Open it! weekend has come and gone (well past as today is Thursday now). I wanted to put a quick blurb about what I ended up drinking as there was some very nice beers opened.

First we started with Friday night's beer of choice. This was a recently purchased bottle of Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious. This was a very fruity tripel. An interesting take on the tripel for sure, but to be honest, not my favorite. Nowhere near as good as my favorites such as La Fin Du Monde and Tripel Karmeliet. But, a nice beer still. Following this, Just Beer's Gosnold's Hope (aka 1602 Porter) became the beer of choice. This was one of the more interesting beers I have ever had. It was slightly soured porter. Weird I know, but really really good. My wife drank most of this one as she is in heaven when it comes to sour beers. But, anyway, the Gosnold's Hope was a really nice roasty and sour porter. No way else I can really describe it. Just good though.

Second night started with me opening a 2009 Founder's Imperial Stout. Oh my. This is how stouts should be! I have gotten over imperial stouts of late, but this made me realize how much I can really really enjoy them. Fantastic beer with notes of chocolate and coffee like any good IS. But, there was an added undertone of dark fruit which I don't think I have ever had in a stout before. Absolutely heavenly.

So while I was enjoying my stout, my wife opened up a Pretty Things Confounded Mr. Sisyphus. This is a nicely aged belgian pale ale (aged in our beer "cellar"). Lots of flavor in this one like every Pretty Things beer (they are so good). A quality beer all in all. Don't remember too much about it, but it was good. Just not as good as the stout.

Overall, a very nice Open it! weekend. I look forward to next year's edition. Until then though, I will just need to open it myself.

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