Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Sunday

Brett Favre lost.... that is all.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You can't be serious....

Lane Kiffin. Yup. You. What the hell did you just do? You had one year at a HUGE football school like Tennessee (yes their stadium holds over 100,000 people!!!) to go back to USC. Granted, USC is a good gig, don't get me wrong. But, seriously, you could have been a GOD in Knoxville. They revere college football down there (They like it in LA, but basketball is king there). I mean this is SEC FOOTBALL!!! There is very little that can even come close to touching that. But, the bright lights are calling to you I suppose. I hope the lights fall off their scaffolding and smash you into that lovely LA pavement. If you are trying to become Bobby Petrino, you are well on your way. Good luck with that one. He is nearly as scummy. Except he actually stays places a bit longer than a year.

I feel awful for Vols fans. And this is coming from the guy who is a Hokie and is still overjoyed how VT just whipped up on your team in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl (did I mention how much I love Chick-Fil-A?). You have just made an enemy out of an entire state. Way to go. That takes talent. You had such a good thing going there in Knoxville. You had good classes coming in, a great stadium to play in, and a conference that looked like it may be getting a bit easier to control on your side with Meyer maybe being out of things. But you go to the west coast and need to take a run at the Pac-10. Guess what? The Pac-10 SUCKS compared to the SEC. Nowhere near as good. Hell, at this time, the Mountain West may be a better conference (probably not but still). I will say I think it is getting better but it still will never be the SEC. Nothing is. You will regret this for sure.

I remember I used to really love USC. As a kid, watching the games on tv, that was the college I wanted to go to. I wanted to be a Trojan. I continued liking them as I got older. Always sort of wanted to pull for them. Then they got really good with Pete Carroll. Hey, even better. Fun team to watch with lots of talent. Awesome. Now, I won't be watching any of their games unless it is to pray that they lose. Can anyone say go Oregon?!? I hope you fall flat out there Kiffin. You will get what is coming to you I guess, one way or the other.

Tennessee fans, you deserved better. Good luck in getting that.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Green Bay / Arizona, Chapman, et al.

So, wow! What a game yesterday afternoon between Green Bay and Arizona. That was just one of the single most entertaining games I have sat around and watched in ages..... and I really don't get into pro football too much. It was just back and forth and just fun. Great plays by both teams. No defense but those offenses were just so good that I wonder how much was D and how much was just that the QB's and receivers were just that good. But a game for the ages as far as I am concerned. Dramatic and all. Went to overtime even! Just lots of fun to watch. Good job guys. Yeah the Pats game.... ugly. Whatever. Would have been nice if they had won, but I am not invested in them. Now if VT had lost like that, I would be wreck after watching it. I probably would not have made it through the game as I would have sick to my stomach.

So, Aroldis Chapman was signed to a five-year, $25 million deal. I am really surprised the Red Sox didn't get more into this. Apparently they had backed out a while back and never got back in. Not really at least. But the Reds? Really? That team just seems to have a lot of organizational issues. Can they afford to do something like this? I don't know. I don't think so. They have so much money tied up right now that it just seems like a scary move on their end. It could pay off, but I wouldn't put money on it. Big market teams can handle burning $25 million without an issue. But, a team from Cincinnati has to be smarter than that. They must be REAL sure he is the guy. I hope for their sake he is.

Haven't had too much to say about beer lately. I have a ton of things to drink right now. I still have the Great Lakes Christmas (which is growing on me), a ton of Clipper City Marz-hon, a Lancaster mix-pack, and a lot of nicer beers. I am almost through my Christmas gift from my wife of the Unibroue mix packs. I really prefer the dark pack over the light pack. And it isn't just due to the higher alcohol beers. Every single one of the dark pack has been great. I still have one more to try from there and I am sure I will love it. I have one of the light pack as well, but the only one I really have enjoyed from that pack was the Blanche de Chambly. That was a really nice wit beer all in all. But, the Ephemere and Chambly Noire were definitely nothing special. Maybe I will do an actual review on the last one I have left from the dark pack (Maudite is the one I believe). Yeah, that will work. Hopefully I will get it done this week.

Oh yeah, great comic here for all of the physics nuts out there (like me!). Going to start reading this one regularly along with LICD and LFG.

Friday, January 8, 2010

It is 8:41am on a Friday......

...... is it too early to have a beer? I am dreaming about one right now. I am going to have to put some Small Craft Warning Uber Pils in the fridge for this weekend. That is some REALLY good stuff.

Also, still have some Clipper City Marz-hons (from Cherie's real cheap stock up, 2.99/6-pack!). Dunno. Gonna have to have some good stuff. Of course I got like four hours of sleep last night.

Stayed up late reading and couldn't fall asleep after that. Currently reading The Blind Side (yup, the one the movie was based on). While I am not sure of how the movie will be for my taste, Michael Lewis is just an AWESOME writer. Moneyball is one of my all time favorite books. And not just because it looks at sabermetrics in baseball (one of my favorite things to read about, yea Bill James!) but because Lewis is just that damn good of a writer. This book has the same style as Moneyball and Lewis tells a story so well. Just a great writer in my opinion.

Oh yeah, Roll Tide. Way to go. You deserved it unsurprisingly.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holliday deal will kill the Cardinals

Matt Holliday just signed a 7-year deal with the Cardinals for 120 million according to reports. The first thing that comes to my mind is: What the hell are they thinking?!? I know that they are supposed to be using the Holliday deal to influence Albert to stay in StL but seriously, do you really want to overpay this guy to keep him there to spend another 20+ mill/year on Albert? You are going to have almost 40 million per season (at least!) tied up in two players. And St. Louis is supposed to be a mid level team. And the worst part.... it is SEVEN FREAKIN YEARS!!!!! Is Holliday the kind of player you want to do that for? Albert, you do that and more. Don't get me wrong. But Holliday? He is good, but not THAT good.

I just think that this is a deal that will end up killing the Cardinals down the road. I mean really tank them for like a decade or something. It is just so much money tied up in a player who just isn't worth it. Barry Zito, your deal is looking better and better everyday. Ok, maybe not going that far, but wow. Just wow. Boras, you had the team, and you used them. You used them hard. And it is their own damn fault.