Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You can't be serious....

Lane Kiffin. Yup. You. What the hell did you just do? You had one year at a HUGE football school like Tennessee (yes their stadium holds over 100,000 people!!!) to go back to USC. Granted, USC is a good gig, don't get me wrong. But, seriously, you could have been a GOD in Knoxville. They revere college football down there (They like it in LA, but basketball is king there). I mean this is SEC FOOTBALL!!! There is very little that can even come close to touching that. But, the bright lights are calling to you I suppose. I hope the lights fall off their scaffolding and smash you into that lovely LA pavement. If you are trying to become Bobby Petrino, you are well on your way. Good luck with that one. He is nearly as scummy. Except he actually stays places a bit longer than a year.

I feel awful for Vols fans. And this is coming from the guy who is a Hokie and is still overjoyed how VT just whipped up on your team in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl (did I mention how much I love Chick-Fil-A?). You have just made an enemy out of an entire state. Way to go. That takes talent. You had such a good thing going there in Knoxville. You had good classes coming in, a great stadium to play in, and a conference that looked like it may be getting a bit easier to control on your side with Meyer maybe being out of things. But you go to the west coast and need to take a run at the Pac-10. Guess what? The Pac-10 SUCKS compared to the SEC. Nowhere near as good. Hell, at this time, the Mountain West may be a better conference (probably not but still). I will say I think it is getting better but it still will never be the SEC. Nothing is. You will regret this for sure.

I remember I used to really love USC. As a kid, watching the games on tv, that was the college I wanted to go to. I wanted to be a Trojan. I continued liking them as I got older. Always sort of wanted to pull for them. Then they got really good with Pete Carroll. Hey, even better. Fun team to watch with lots of talent. Awesome. Now, I won't be watching any of their games unless it is to pray that they lose. Can anyone say go Oregon?!? I hope you fall flat out there Kiffin. You will get what is coming to you I guess, one way or the other.

Tennessee fans, you deserved better. Good luck in getting that.

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