Friday, January 8, 2010

It is 8:41am on a Friday......

...... is it too early to have a beer? I am dreaming about one right now. I am going to have to put some Small Craft Warning Uber Pils in the fridge for this weekend. That is some REALLY good stuff.

Also, still have some Clipper City Marz-hons (from Cherie's real cheap stock up, 2.99/6-pack!). Dunno. Gonna have to have some good stuff. Of course I got like four hours of sleep last night.

Stayed up late reading and couldn't fall asleep after that. Currently reading The Blind Side (yup, the one the movie was based on). While I am not sure of how the movie will be for my taste, Michael Lewis is just an AWESOME writer. Moneyball is one of my all time favorite books. And not just because it looks at sabermetrics in baseball (one of my favorite things to read about, yea Bill James!) but because Lewis is just that damn good of a writer. This book has the same style as Moneyball and Lewis tells a story so well. Just a great writer in my opinion.

Oh yeah, Roll Tide. Way to go. You deserved it unsurprisingly.

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