Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trinity White Electric American Imperial Stout

So, I was at The Avery, a GREAT bar here in Providence Thursday night and JR, the owner of the bar, had a new beer in from Trinity Brewhouse. Trinity is a decent brewpub here in PVD that can be good at times (but also misses the mark once in a while). It has definitely improved recently from what I have seen.

Anyway, so JR had just received this new beer from them. In fact, he at first thought it was a porter. He had just tapped it and didn't know anything about the beer. He tasted it though and immediately got on his phone to figure out what the deal on the beer was. We found it was actually an American Imperial Stout. 9& alcohol with 100 IBUs. It was made with coffee from White Electric coffee here in PVD. So, local ingredients all around and that makes me happy.

So, on to the review. First thing I noticed with the pour is that there was no head at all. I mean none. It was really dark and opaque. Hard to say if you could see through it at all because The Avery is really dark inside anyway. But, the beer just looked super thick and inky. Almost looked like syrup.

Smell that was coming off this was a TON of coffee. I mean, it was an amazingly strong and robust coffee scent. One of the strongest smells of the beans I have ever smelled on a beer.

The taste however was much lower on the coffee flavor, which was a good thing I think. That much flavor in the taste as well as the smell may have been a bit too much. Lots of good malt flavors on it as well. The hops were not super pronounced either. If this was 100 IBU's I will eat my shoe. I am doubting that all in all. The alcohol was definitely present like a good imperial stout. Had a very nice bite, but still maintained a fantastic smoothness and ease of drinking. In fact, it was dangerously drinkable. It was so smooth and continues to smooth out even more as it warms up.

Just a really really solid beer. Trinity has a hit on this one for sure. It was really strong, but easy to drink. This is a must for any person who likes coffee stouts (if you are in the area of course). I will give it four out of five stars. Good job to Trinity on this.

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