Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kid Wonder?

Ok, so it has been a while since I have talked about my beloved game of baseball (an April like the Sox had takes a while to get over, not to mention my fantasy teams tanking so far). Well, it is time to go back to it and what better topic of discussion than the one that is on nearly everyone's tongue, Stephen Strasburg. It was announced the other day (hat tip to MLBTradeRumors) that Strasburg will be debuting in the majors on June 8th against the Pirates. My guess is, this will be the highest rated Nationals/Pirates game of all time. Just a guess, but one I feel pretty confident on betting the house on. Someone has to pick this game up right? MLB Network at the very least. ESPN quite likely. Fox? Probably not which is just as good since I have had enough of Buck and McCarver until I am forced to listen to them during the next Saturday Yankees/Red Sox game.

Anyway, Strasburg will be up, he will be pitching, the flashbulbs will be popping. And you know what? I don't think Stevie is going to disappoint. Sure, he won't go more than five innings (and at that point, you will see a Grand Canyon like dip in the numbers) but it will be an amazing five innings. I do not expect him to get shelled as we are talking about the Pirates here, McCutcheon notwithstanding. But my oh my, this kid has dominated the minors so thoroughly that there is no reason he can't dominate the next rank of the minors.... I mean the Pirates. And he will truly be special to watch. He won't post eye-popping numbers all in all this season (aside from K/9 which will be pretty sick), but he will be good and he will be a must see. I am going to be watching it. I am sure lots of people will be. Pay attention everyone. This is going to be special.

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